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Why is fencing cool?

Fencing is an incredibly complete sport, developing both body and mind. Despite centuries of history and tradition, it is, at the same time, modern yet timeless; the aesthetics are elegant, duel like, but the experience can be explosive, a fight  for life itself. To watch is intense, fast, powerful and often mesmerising and spectacular.

Very few sports challenge the mind as fencing does, the intense transformation that follows with practice within the psychological realm, can help you to face life and everyday problems with an enhanced perspective. Let us guide you and show you the main differences versus other sports. Like most sports, Fencing will work your body  but the real  difference is how it will transform your mind.

fencing benefits


Although many of theses benefits are common to most sports, with fencing you will experience an increase in your capacity to react, and an awareness of body and space leading to improved coordination and a higher response to action, as your reflexes sharpen. This also changes your psyche.

  • · Strength
  • · Resistance
  • · Explosivity
  • · Power
  • · Speed
  • · Reflexes and reaction speed
  • · Flexibility
  • · Coordination
  • · Spatial and temporal perception
  • · Propioception
  • · Balance
  • · Agility


The psychological benefits of fencing are so many and so diverse that we can’t list them all. Here are just some of them:

  • · Mental strength
  • · Trust and confidence
  • · Concentration
  • · Self-control
  • · Positive attitude
  • · Creativity
  • · Tactical and strategic thinking
  • · Analysis
  • · Speed ​​of decision making under pressure
  • · Anticipation
  • · Execution of ideas
  • · Problem solving
  • · Stress management and release
  • · Overcoming ability
  • · Critical Analysis and management of outcomes

As our friend Oscar Arribas told us in our interview : “There is a very clear analogy with this sport and life. Time is running out, you lose the assault and you’re left wondering what could have been. ” That is why we know that all of these elements can be extrapolated to any area of ​​modern life, the business world, teamwork or leadership.

Fencing is a very effective tool to develop psychomotor skills, psychological and creative development for people of all ages; from children through to seniors. And on top of all  these great reasons to fence, we can also add an element which is unusual in modern sport: respect.

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Body, mind, stress, fun and competition

In fencing, both physical and mental development are equally important. In developing and evolving the strategies and tactics that are needed for physical improvements, these also work to improve mental agility and wellbeing.  If you have a good physical level but you have not developed your strategic and tactical thinking , you will be at a significant disadvantage to someone who has. As you progress, developing and honing your fencing technique, theory becomes second nature and you immerse in the more advanced tactical practice.  You will be amazed at how quickly your body and mind adapt to the greater physical and mental demands at this level. That’s why fencing, body and mind go hand in hand as you have to work and develop them at the same time. The tactical part will also develop your imagination and creativity, helping you to learn to quickly find creative solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems not just whilst fencing, but in your day-to-day professional and personal life as well.

As a combat sport which requires complete mental immersion and deep concentration fencing is  a highly effective means of relieving stress and a great therapy to help you become happier and more relaxed in your everyday life.

In summary, fencing is a very complete sport and it is also very, very cool.

We’ve taken the historic, exciting and elegant Olympic sport of fencing with all of these incredible benefits and created training programmes which emphasise the focus, strategy and tactics that are so relevant to modern life as well as being fun, exhilerating and engaging.

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